13 Dec 2018

Who are we?

Academic information dissemination enthusiasts. We strongly believe academia should be accessible to all, and posters are a great platform for showcasing your work in an exciting and engaging manner. We believe in preserving all aspects of research and sharing this information, with a storage and showcase platform particularly vital in today’s expanding digital world. have three main goals!

1. Permanent record of your hard work.

  • Maintain and show off both good AND bad ideas. Just because your idea/ research didn’t work doesn’t mean it’s not important for others to know.
  • Posters take a lot of effort to design and produce. What a waste if they never see the light of day again!

2. Advice and examples. Let’s get better together.

  • By sharing we can support each other and receive valuable feedback
  • We can improve and set current standards of design in our field.
  • Encourage innovation by providing ideas for future poster presenters to draw from.

3. Bigger audience. Get your research out into the world and give your posters the chance to shine. The snapshot shown by your posters shows how your ideas and research have developed over time- a fantastic advertisement for your research and you!

  • Get your work out there. Participate in feedback and receive encouragement and new ideas.
  • Be part of a community
  • Remember, ideas that didn’t work are just as important as ideas that did!