International Gnatwork Conference 2021

24th May 2021

We are pleased to announce our Gnatwork 2021 conference will now be held online on Monday 24th May 2021

This conference is very much a celebration of all of the fantastic research already achieved by our Gnatwork funded projects, and a recognition of the impact this funding has had, and continues to have, across the world in these neglected vector species.

Featuring online presentations from our 8 funded projects, along with targetted sessions by our directors, our preliminary conference programme is as follows:

Agenda for the Gnatwork 2021 Conference

Agenda for Gnatwork 2021 Conference

All sessions will be live tweeted from our @the_gnatwork account under #Gnatwork21

In addition we will also be hosting a poster session open to all Gnatwork members to showcase their work on Culicoides biting midges, blackflies and sandflies.

Thank you to everyone that attended our Gnatwork 2021 conference.

We have a visual summarising the day and all of the key information by Hannah Williams, a live scribe that attended the conference.

Live Scribe of the event by Hannah Williams

Presentations from the day

The day went well, with fantastic presentations from all of our funded projects which are now available to view below and on our YouTube channel.

Conference 2021

Dr Samuel Armoo: Validation of a Cas9-mediated MinION sequencing technology for frontline control of river blindness

Dr Chris Sanders: Cracking sandfly dispersal with eggs

Dr Matt Rogers: The use of FTA cards to monitor Leishmania infection and infectiousness in sandflies and midges

Coming soon...

Dr Martin Hall: Micro-CT visualisation of the parasite-host interface in small biting flies

Dr Orin Courtenay, Dr Laura Willen, Philip Milton and Professor Maria-Gloria Basáñez: Understanding host heterogeneity to vector-borne disease exposure

Dr John Graham-Brown: Evaluation of a novel diagnostic screening tool for detection of Onchocerca spp. in blackfly populations

Dr Marion England: Incriminating the vector of human leishmaniasis in Ghana

Dr Frances Hawkes: Host Decoy Traps as new sampling methods for sandflies and blackflies