Brazil '19

4 - 8 November 2019
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

We are excited to announce our second international workshop, Brazil '19, will be held in Belo Horizonte in collaboration with Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais. We aim to bring together researchers who have an interest in blackflies, sandflies and biting midges for networking and sharing of expertise.

The first day of our week-long workshop (4 November) will consist of a conference day of talks, consisting of lectures from experts on vector ecology and epidemiology. This day is open to all and free to attend. We will also hold a poster session on this day for early-career researchers to present their current work.

Following this, we are holding a four-day training course for 30 early-career researchers, to teach practical laboratory and field skills for research across sandflies, blackflies and biting midges. Sessions will be held on:

  • Basic experimental design
  • Morphological identification of the three vector groups
  • Field work techniques and trapping
  • Molecular barcoding of vectors