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19 Nov 2018

Videos related to Biting Midges

Dr Jessica Stokes and her presentation at Entomological Society of America 2020

Persistence in the Face of Absenteism: Studies of vector-borne transmission of Schmallenberg and bovine ephemeral fever virus.

Dr Jessica Stokes delivers her presentation on studies of vector-borne transmission of Schmallenberg and bovine ephemeral fever virus.

Bluetongue disease - Part 2 Transmission, clinical signs and pathology in sheep

In the final part of a collaboration between the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and the Pirbright Institute, Dr Simon Carpenter and Dr Karin Darpel look at the transmission, clinical signs and pathology of bluetongue disease in sheep.

Hunting midges to tackle deadly bluetongue disease

Scientists at the Institute for Animal Health (IAH) are stepping up the battle against the devastating and economically damaging bluetongue.

Sequencing the midge genome

Researchers in Pirbright, Surrey, UK, have been awarded £680K by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), to sequence and study the genome of a biting midge that is responsible for spreading serious viral diseases.

Improving animal health to help humans

When the bluetongue virus infects a herd of sheep, goats or cows, only some of the infected animals get sick and die. Understanding why could help farmers deal with the disease more effectively.
Massimo Palmarini is Director of the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research. He has a Wellcome Investigator Award to investigate bluetongue virus. Understanding an animal infection like bluetongue could help us tackle related viruses, like Zika and chikungunya, that infect people.

India Bluetonge Vector Network (IBVNet)

This video introduces a new project, the India Bluetongue Vector Network (IBVNet), which is adressing problems that are common to the UK and India in dealing with outbreaks of bluetongue. To accomplish this The Pirbright Institute relies upon a wide range of collaborators in both the UK and India and in particular the India Council for Agricultural Research and the All India National Network Programme for Bluetongue.



Rearing midges to study bluetongue virus

Dr Christopher Sanders studies Bluetongue virus and rears Cullicoides biting midges to see how they transmit the disease between sheep.

Bluetongue virus of ruminants

Dr Karin Darpel describes the search for controls and vaccines against Bluetongue virus, a virus carried by Culicoides midges.

Necropsy of a White-Tailed Deer

Dr. Katherine Sayler with the University of Florida/IFAS Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation demonstrates the necropsy of a white-tailed deer in order to submit specimens to diagnose EHD and blue-tongued virus. For more information, please visit

Midge bites through presenters arm - The Secret Life of Midges - BBC One

Programme website: A hungry midge bites into Presenter James Logan's skin and feeds on his arm.

The dreaded midges (Scotland) - BBC - 21st August 2016

What are midges? Why are they such a nuisance and what research into is being done and found, and why? Joe Crowley finds out on Countryfile this day.

Scottish Biting Midge Forecast, STV 16/7/09

The outlook for the weekend ahead concerning where midges will be most troublesome across Scotland, produced by

Bluetongue Disease

Animal Disease Recognition and Response Training Course Presented by Dr. Chris Oura

Fighting disease: The Institute for Animal Health (now The Pirbright Institute)

In this video, Martin Shirley, Chris Oura and Philip Mellor describe how the Institute for Animal Health developed the world's best selling vaccine against coccidiosis in poultry, how it advised policymakers during the 2007-08 bluetongue outbreak, saving the UK economy hundreds of millions of pounds, and detail the institute's role in eradicating the deadly cattle disease rinderpest around the world.