Early Career Presenations for Culicoides-borne Virus Interest Group

14 Jun 2019

Culicoides-borne Virus Interest Group.

On 14 June The Pirbright Institute held a series of early-career scientist talks, organised by the Culicoides-borne Virus Interest Group.

"Today we had a series of excellent talks from early-career students and staff from the Entomology, Orbivirus research and Non-Vesicular Research Lab Groups at Pirbright. The talks covered myriad aspects of vector-borne disease science, including vector activity and behaviour, pathogenicity in mammalian hosts, outbreak modelling, vector competence and diagnostics, highlighting a diversity of exciting research in Culicoides and mosquito-borne virus systems", Dr Christopher Sanders (Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, The Pirbright Institute).

All presentations are available to watch on our Resources page.