Moussa FALL

Scientific searcher

I am interested in Culicoides and particularly in the Afrotropical region to improve our knowledge on species of veterinary (ie specify the main species vectors and pathogens that they are likely to transmit); their distribution and abundance according to different ecosystem and livestock level. Indeed, I did my thesis work on culicoides in relation to African horse sickness in equestrian centers in the Niayes area. However, it would be interesting to reproduce this work in cattle and small ruminants farming (modern and traditional). The aim is to contribute to the fight against these insects vector-borne diseases. Several insecticide products are used against nuisance insects but little is known about their effectiveness on culicoides. Thus it will be interesting to test culicoides susceptibility on active ingredients and evaluate the effectiveness of some insecticide products against field culicoides populations.

Area of expertise: 
Biting midges
Email: moussafall08 [at]
Early career researcher