Renato Pereira de Souza

Pereira de Souza
Scientific Researcher
Instituto Adolfo Lutz

Graduated in Biological Sciences, with bachelor's degree from the University of São Paulo (1997). PhD in Sciences in the Epidemiology concentration area, Faculty of Public Health, University of São Paulo (2013). He is currently Scientific Researcher VI of the Adolfo Lutz Institute at the Regional Laboratory Center XII - Taubaté. I have been acting mainly in the phylogenetic analysis and molecular evolution of zoonotic pathogens, developing research in molecular epidemiology, phylogeography and philodynamics. I am interested in the ecology of arboviruses, hantaviruses, arenaviruses, leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis and malaria, studying the geographical distribution of vectors and reservoirs and the development of spatial distribution models such as ecological niche modeling. I am also interested in understanding the ecological, virological and molecular factors behind the emergence of new pathogens and the process of pathogen sharing between animals and humans.

Area of expertise: 
Mosquitoes Sandflies
Email: renatoefabi [at]
Established researcher