Mr Debashis Ghosh

Assistant Coordination Manager icddr,b

Mr Debashis Ghosh, is an Assistant Coordination Manager at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b).

"Since November 2007 I have been working in Kala-azar research activities under the Parasitology Laboratory of icddr,b. My current position is Senior Research Officer. I have been exposed and fortunately experienced in epidemiology, clinical trials, diagnostics and mostly entomological research, including field efficacy and effectiveness trials with currently available vector control tools. In the some of those activities I participated as investigator and co-principal investigator. Currently I am the functional Principal Investigator of the unique sandfly surveillance study in Bangladesh. My major responsibilities include: proposal development, supervision of field data collections, monitoring of sandfly collections, both manually and by CDC light trap and morphological examination of sandflies for species determination and leishmania parasite infection. I am trained and conduct WHO Cone Bioassay tests when needed for the study and national program. I am experienced in conducting ELISAs, conventional PCR and qPCR assays. I am trained in sandfly insectary set up, colony growth, maintenance and xenodiagnosis in the laboratory of Prof. Ricardo Molina in Madrid, Spain. I enjoy maintaining my database using EpIinfo and Microsoft Access and doing data analysis with SPSS. I have presented our study results at national and international conferences, including in 20 peer reviewed international journals".