Patricia Gonzaga Paulino

PhD Student

My name is Patricia Gonzaga Paulino. I am about to finish my Ph.D., So, I am currently looking for a new job position. I graduated in Veterinary Medicine and completed my master’s degree in Veterinary Science at the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ). Throughout my academic career, I have developed a strong interest in the niche field of molecular parasitology. Since 2014, I have received several grants to participate in parasitology projects. Besides, I had the opportunity to complete part of my study and gain valuable work experience abroad in Portugal, Italy, Poland, and Germany. Each of these experiences significantly improved my personal and professional skills. My research focus has been vector-borne diseases, as I am fascinated with vector-borne parasites. I have contributed to this subject through scientific publications, targeting parasite detection through molecular methods, genomic characterization, and tick-borne disease epidemiology. Likewise, I am particularly interested in exploring parasite-tick interactions as my doctoral thesis investigated the sialotranscriptome of Rhipicephalus microplus in response to Theileria equi infection. My mother tongue is Portuguese but I also speak and write in English and Italian.