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19 Nov 2018

Videos related to Sandflies

What is Leishmaniasis? An introduction and overview

Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by a group of protozoan parasites called Leishmania. It is classified as a Neglected Tropical Disease and affects some of the poorest countries in the world causing 20-30,000 deaths each year. The disease is transmitted through the bite of an infected sandfly and causes 3 main types of disease: Cutaneous, Visceral and Mucous. In this video, we will take a look at the parasite, the diseases it causes and how to prevent it.

Life cycle of Leishmania in the insect vector 

This video was produced by Dirceu E. Teixeira, Marlene Benchimol, Juliany C. F.Rodrigues, Paulo Henrique Crepaldi, Paulo F. P. Pimenta and Wanderley de Souza. Support: UFRJ, IBCCF, IBqM, FAPERJ, CECIERJ and INMETRO.

Imperial researchers discuss leishmaniasis exhibit

Tom Cloke and Dr Matthew Rogers talk about a disfiguring skin disease at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Dissection of a Sand Fly Gut

In this short film, Dr Hector Diaz Albiter demonstrates how the gut of the sand fly is removed in a delicate and highly skilled procedure