Dr Martin Hall

Management Board Member

Martin Hall is Head of the Parasites and Vectors Division in the Department of Life Sciences at the Natural History Museum in London. He joined the Museum in 1989 following seven years studying the biology, behaviour and novel methods for control of tsetse flies in Africa. While his research has included studies of a number of biting flies, such as Tabanid horse flies and Culicoides midges, his focus has been on fly species that develop as larvae on carrion and/or on live animals, on the latter causing the neglected disease known as myiasis. This has included field studies in Europe, South and Central America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. His most recent laboratory research focuses on the use of micro-CT scanning techniques to study metamorphosis and development of blow flies and bot flies within their puparia and to conduct 3D histology to visualise parasite:host interactions, notably of Dicrocoelium liver flukes in ants, their intermediate hosts. He is a guest lecturer on BSc and MSc courses at several UK universities and presently has two PhD students. Martin has been a Vice-President of the Royal Entomological Society, was the founding President of the European Association for Forensic Entomology and is currently on the Editorial Boards of Medical and Veterinary Entomology and Forensic Science International.