Professor Zélia Lobato

Management Board Member

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) (1985), Master's degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Veterinary School (1990) and PhD in Animal Science UFMG / Australian Animal Health Laboratory (CSIRO) (1996) in the area of Preventive Veterinary Medicine. She is a Full Professor at the Veterinary School of UFMG and a CNPq productivity fellow. She has experience in Veterinary Virology, acting mainly in the areas of epidemiology and diagnosis of viral diseases, applied immunology, veterinary vaccines, application and testing of biomarkers. Currently conducts research related to the diagnosis and control of the following viruses: bluetongue, parvovirus, circovirus, swine influenza and bovine variola.