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09 Nov 2018

10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing

We often focus on the common mistakes and pitfalls, but researchers don’t just need advice on what not to do so her are 10 tips of what to consider when writing an application.

By Lisa Chasan-Taber FEBRUARY 14, 2018

The Art of Good Proposal Writing

Good writing will not save bad ideas, but bad writing can kill good ones.

The Art of Grantsmanship, Jacob Kraicer

How to get a grant funded

Article by David Goldblatt, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Child Health

The Art of Grantsmanship

Writing a success grant application is an art.

How Not to Kill a Grant Application

Science Magazine Article by Vid Mohan-Ram, currently Chief Intellectual Property Counsel for J.R. Simplot Company. How Not to Kill a Grant Application - Part Two can be found here:

The Proposal writer's guide

The Proposal writer's guide, University of Michigan

A career in research

Tips for running your own research group